My names Gillian and I have a passion for design and helping others succeed.

As a wife, mummy and designer I have a busy schedule.  I live in Solihull UK with my husband and two children or perhaps better titled bundles of energy called Erin and Leo.

WORK LIFE  I worked in the corporate industry as a designer for over 12years.  I quickly found working for "the man" in a regular job meant missing a lot with my family and I really had no work life balance.  I use to get home just as my children were heading off to bed.  Since first becoming a parent I felt there had to be a better way to earn a living and have quality time with my family.


BEING MY OWN BOSS  Working for myself I have found the balance of earning and having quality family time and you can too.  If you have determination to success your already half way there.  Let me help you succeed.

WORKING WITH OILS  I have a passion for helping others which was something that was lacking in my previous role.  As a wellness advocate its my pleasure to educate and share natural health solutions.  There is nothing better than knowing you have made a difference to the health and wellbeing of others.

I used to think Essential oils just smelt nice until I attended a class myself and discovered the truth.  Natures best kept secret and let us help you discover how to use to help and support your loved ones safely and effectively.

HOW MY OILY JOURNEY BEGAN What I found out at an Intro Class were that there are so many ways that Essential Oils can help and support your Health and Wellbeing.  I was drawn to firstly using Essential Oils to help and benefit my own family and friends and secondly to share and teach others.

Join me to learn more about my personal ah ha moments with Essential Oils and how each and everyone of us can lead a more healthy natural way of life enjoying the benefits that Essential Oils bring.

TALENTED TEAM I have the pleasure to work with a very talented team each with unique skills from holistic talents to medical background and others with simply the desire to help others discover better wellness.  Whatever your background the oils can help you earn in the pockets of time you have available.

WHERE WE ARE NOW  As well as my oily biz I also design websites to support lead generation and making your business run smoothly with less admin.  For my team this is included and it can be for you too.


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"I answered one of Jilly's ads and decided to join her team after attending the free online class. She is a great mentor - so helpful and supportive. I can really recommend Jilly, and also the free online class - it really opened my eyes!"

— Janet Smith
July 2019


I would recommend Jilly as she is very knowledgeable with the oils and the kits doTERRA offer.

At a whim on a Facebook advert about Essential oils. Jilly became my Sponsor. It is exciting talking with her as she helps you see steps in how you can achieve an amazing oily journey. Where ever you want to take it, whether it be as a whole sale buyer or as a builder. Or just asking her questions about the products. Jilly is an amazing fountain of knowledge.

With her excitement for the only products that have the CPTG guarantee Jilly will help you find the right oily products for you.

Added to this I have also made an amazing friend. 🙂


Ally-Michelle Rotherham  
March 2019

"I have been suffering from constant headaches, and I’ve found that using the peppermint oil clears my head straight away no need for painkillers, and also a drop under my tongue helps my digest system. It’s a godsend "

— Sonia Knight
October 2018
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