neck warmer

DIY - Weighted Heat Pad

Like a weighted eye mask you can use the rice pad to sooth you and aid your relaxion.  With 3 level to choose from even the non DIY person can enjoy this great mini project.


Essential Oils

Its something you may have heard before however its not until you hear about the difference grades of oils available that you know why they can be so effective.

Lavender is the classic but there are so many more choices from essential oil gel capsules to alternative oils to Lavender.  Just ask and I can share my experiences and give you tips for supportive choices for you.

No spoiler alert - just take our FREE class and discover what Essential Oils can do to support your Sleep Hygiene today.


Knowledge and understanding made easy by Matthew Walker a talented Neuro science.  A great read and insight to help us better understand our bodies, rest and sleep.

Weighted Eye Mask

Cool or warm these gorgeous masks are perfect for a little rest and relaxation.

Yoga Book

This beautiful practice can suit everybody - take a peek that this lovely book and discover yoga may work for you too.


Colouring Mandalas

The very art of relaxation we have a FREE mandala for you below or why not browse a adult colouring book.

Colouring Book

A little magical colouring to help regain our focus.  This is a stunning book to test your artist skills on today.

Gratitude Journal

A beautiful book to practise gratitude.

Mindfulness Cards

Great ideas for beginners mindfulness - easy to use.

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