How to Make Wild Orange & Vanilla Soap

This is a great beginners recipe to create your very own soap with a natural aroma of your choice.

Step by Step Instructions

Beginner Friendly

The Natural Choice

There are many ways to make your own natural soap.  You can make from scratch which can take more time or opt for melt and pour which is a quicker option.

Simply by adding your favourite doTERRA essential oils you are adding a natural aroma in contrast to many commercially bought soaps with perfumes and artificial aromas.

Video: Step by Step Guide

Watch our short video to see how to make this easy recipe yourself with a few simple ingredients.

Ingredients for soap
What you will need


  • Melt and pour soap
  • Glass jug (microwavable safe
  • Silicone mould
  • Mica Soap colourant
  • Alcohol
  • Wild Orange Essential Oils
  • Vanilla Extract
soap step 1
soap step 2
soap step 3
soap step 4
soap step 5

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Everything you need to make your own soap

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