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janet s

Janet Smith


helpful and supportive

"I answered one of Jilly's ads and decided to join her team after attending the free online class. She is a great mentor - so helpful and supportive. I can really recommend Jilly, and also the free online class - it really opened my eyes!"


Ally R

Ally-Michelle Rotherham

an amazing fountain of knowledge

"I would recommend Jilly as she is very knowledgeable with the oils and the kits.

Where ever you want to take it, whether it be as a whole sale buyer or as a builder. Or just asking her questions about the products. Jilly is an amazing fountain of knowledge.

With her excitement for the only products that have the CPTG guarantee Jilly will help you find the right oily products for you.

Added to this I have also made an amazing friend.  :)"


Sonia Knight

Sonia Knight

Care Assistant

It’s a godsend

"I have been suffering from constant headaches, and I’ve found that using the peppermint oil clears my head straight away no need for painkillers, and also a drop under my tongue helps my digest system. It’s a godsend 💫"


Mary Herbert photo

Mary Herbert


These oils are so pure are you just feel them through your body

"This study really helped me remember how important mental health is and more importantly how we have lots of tools such as oils to take control of own symptoms. These oils are so pure are you just feel them through your body, straight from the earth and they have such a healing effect . I love the Peace inhaler and orange oil , will keep trying with balance and will def incorporate these oils into my life."



Charlotte Bloomfield


slow down anxious thoughts

"I do think taking the time to breathe the oils definitely gave me the opportunity to slow down anxious thoughts.  I loved the smell of all of my samples, so it gave me a warm feeling to be enjoying them. I've thoroughly enjoyed the full experience with all the additional parts we were offered. I will definitely be carrying on with the balance oil particularly as I have really enjoyed that one. Thank you for this opportunity."

-Charlotte Bloomfield


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